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Founded by Josh Schneider and Gary Grueber in 2007, Cultivaris combines intense horticulture knowledge with an innovative spirit to bring the best new—and sometimes very different—plant varieties and concepts to the global floriculture market. With a portfolio of more than 300 varieties and licensee networks around the globe, Cultivaris has been involved in some of the most successful plant introductions and game-changing marketing programs that the international plant industry has seen over the past three decades. Fueled by a true passion for both plants, people and their interactions, Cultivaris has the reach and vision to maximize the profitability and growth of our partners at every stage in the supply chain.


Home gardeners, greenhouse growers and farmers are always interested in new garden and agricultural crops that solve problems: faster growing; enhanced disease and pest resistance; tolerance of various weather conditions, and longer bloom times. At Cultivaris, we collaborate with plant hybridizers to transform crop improvement ideas into a profitable reality. By working with an expansive and highly diverse group of plant breeders, breeding companies, plant enthusiasts and collectors, we are able to support the development of the best new products for different markets around the world. With many years of experience in plant breeding, production, marketing and distribution, we provide support and guidance to our breeder-partners to help them arrive more quickly at their goal of an improved plant that is ready for market.


The most exciting new product is of little value if it cannot be successfully marketed and sold. Distribution and lack of attention to supply chain issues can severely limit the success of a new crop. Our many years of experience in international horticulture have helped Cultivaris build a strong and reliable global network of plant producers who are focused on delivering innovative and high-value new products to their customers. These relationships are not simply a pipeline for delivering new plants internationally, but serve as a conduit of market intelligence and opportunity in both directions. This gives our team a strong advantage in the increasingly competitive market to recognize emerging trends and opportunities much earlier and work with our partners to capitalize on them.