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Eye candy: Basil does double duty
May 2015
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April 2015
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April 2015
Salvia unlike any other
April 2015
Edimental, my dear Watson
April 2015
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April 2015
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April 2015
Josh Schneider Talks Breadfruit on Fox News
November 2013

Cultivaris managing partner Josh Schneider was featured on FOX5 San Diego Morning News to discuss the capabilities of breadfruit and its growth in some of the world’s poorest regions. Josh shared the history, development and even some of his favorite breadfruit recipes on the morning segment. Josh also spoke about his efforts with Global Breadfruit and Trees That Feed Foundation. Watch the entire segment here.

Cultivaris Wins Big at Short Course
July 2013

Digiplexis ILLUMINATION™ ‘Flame’ continues to take the horticulture world by storm and wins the 2013 Editor’s Choice Award at this year’s OFA Short Course in Columbus, Ohio.

Greenhouse Grower, along with sponsor partners BASF, Everris and Landmark Plastic, unveiled the 2013 “Grower of The Year” and “Medal of Excellence” award winners on July 15, presenting Digiplexis ILLUMINATION™ ‘Flame’ with yet another impressive honor we are proud of.

BUZZ™ in South Africa, Australia and Japan
June 2013

Award-winning BUZZ™ Buddleja varieties, which are already immensely popular in Europe and North America—and recognized as the best series of dwarf butterfly bush varieties on the market—have gone truly global! This past year, Cultivaris launched BUZZ™ in South Africa, Japan and Australia. With great new colors being added to the line soon, this world-wide success story is sure to continue for a long time!

Lavender PHENOMENAL™ and ‘PLATINUM BLONDE™ Make an Impression
May 2013

A double whammy of drop-dead-gorgeous lavender varieties! PHENOMENAL™ has proven to be one of the most durable, disease-resistant and high-performance lavender varieties on the market. Now comes PLATINUM BLONDE™, a ravishing beauty with soft-cream variegation on new growth that positively glows in spring and summer. A true stunner, PLATINUM BLONDE™ made it on the shortlist for this year’s “Plant of the Year” competition at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show!

Digiplexis makes a wow-worthy entrance at CAST
April 2013

Digiplexis ILLUMINATION™ ‘Flame’ was the talk of the town at this year’s California Spring Trials. Bred by Thompson & Morgan, this gorgeous plant is an intergeneric cross between Digitalis and Isoplexis. ILLUMINATION™ ‘Flame’ has already received copious praise from both media and growers, being listed as one of the top 10 favorites of Spring Trials and a double nominee for the coveted Greenhouse Grower “Award of Excellence.” Elegant and exotic, with non-stop, all-season performance, Digiplexis is a beauty you won’t want to miss. Look for it at retail outlets spring 2014.

Cultivaris Packs Punch at the 2013 California Spring Trials
April 2013

The California Spring Trials took place this past April 6-11th throughout northern, central and southern California. Cultivaris participated in this annual week-long event to show off our most exciting new introductions as well as some favorite product introductions from years past. Our display received rave reviews from visitors—both growers and retailers, large and small. Highlights from our exhibit include the eye-catching presence of Dahlia DREAMY™, the boundless flower power of OOH LA LA!™ Primula, the oomph of Lavender PLATINUM BLONDE™ and the ever-photogenic Digiplexis ILLUMINATION™ ‘Flame’.

Heroic herbs: HERBALEA™ basil has arrived
March 2013

The perfect blend between science and nature, the new HERBALEA™ series of basil is attracting lots of attention because of its superhero-herb qualities. Durable and robust, HERBALEA™ varieties are amazing in their disease resistance and their tolerance to cooler temperatures.

The HERBALEA™ series, selected after an intense breeding program using many new wild species, is not only extremely grower friendly but make great garden plants as well. With reduced flowering comes much better vigor and overall growth, making this series the perfect ornamental-edible garden plant. And with strong essential oil content, HERBALEA™ basils are perfect for enhancing almost any culinary creation—a must-have for any garden-loving chef.

Bringing Breadfruit Back to Tahiti
March 2013

In 1787, Captain William Bligh traveled to Tahiti to find and share breadfruit with the rest of the world. In March of 2013, Josh Schneider of Cultivaris traveled to Tahiti to help bring tissue-culture plants of this valuable tree back to its original source. Representing Global Breadfruit, Josh delivered 2,500 high-performance ‘Ma’afala’ breadfruit trees and spoke at the 2013 Breadfruit Festival alongside many dignitaries, including the President and Agriculture Minister. A major step toward creating truly sustainable, long-term food security in the tropics, these trees will provide the islands of French Polynesia with high-performance and highly nutritious trees to help feed their people and develop new and innovative agricultural products for the next 50-75 years.

BLOOMING ALOE™ Website is Launched
February 2013

In February, the new BLOOMING ALOE™ website went live—sharing information for both home gardeners and horticulture professionals. The site provides a closer look at these exciting and vigorous hybrids, which have exceptionally long flowering periods, unique foliage and superior garden performance. Bred in South Africa, BLOOMING ALOE™ are tough, durable and carefree plants with a wide range of landscape uses. Learn more about this flowering machine by visiting

Garry Grueber Named One of Germany’s Seven Plant Ambassadors
February 2013

In February, our very own Garry Grueber was named as one of Germany’s official Plant Ambassadors during a ceremony in Berlin. Recognized in front of the members of German Parliament and officials of the German Horticulture Society, Garry is amongst seven other Ambassadors chosen to represent the interests of horticultural heritage and culture in Germany.